What’s Included In Duct Cleaning Services? How Does It Work?

The duct system enables a clean and efficient flow of air throughout the house. If you are experiencing any kind of discomfort with the indoor air quality, then it’s time to clean the duct system. But you need to know what’s included in duct cleaning services? How does it work? Professional air duct cleaning often involves the removal of debris from the air ducts; this will enhance the indoor air quality. You need to be aware of the importance of duct cleaning. Because by ignoring this, it might lead to several infections and allergies. Due to this, there are high chances of lung and respiratory infections. If you have children and old people in your house, then they can be even more susceptible to allergies. Often people tend to ignore cleaning the ducts. This is the reason why there is a poor quality of air inside the house.

Most HVAC companies recommend duct cleaning services when they do observe certain signs and symptoms. There is no particular time to clean the duct system, it should be cleaned whenever it is necessary. Mainly when the efficiency of the system is decreased and the indoor air quality is declining. There are several things in duct cleaning services. To understand this, we have a detailed guide on what’s included in duct cleaning services? How does it work?

How Do Duct Cleaning Services Work?

Opting for professional duct cleaning can give good results, rather than doing it on your own. It’s because they know all the methods of cleaning the ducts using the latest methods. Professional duct cleaning aids in increasing the efficiency of the duct system. Also, it is important to know what’s included in duct cleaning services? How does it work? Here we are to provide you with the explanation in detail:

Duct Cleaning Services usually involves the following steps:

  • HVAC technician inspects the ducts and duct system: Experts usually perform visual inspection without using any kind of equipment. With this, they will be able to check the system for any kind of dirt and dust particles, accumulation of debris, and also inspect the holes or any other entry points. 
  • Starts With Vacuuming: Technicians carry special vacuuming devices;  these are specially designed for sucking all the dirt particles out of the system. Using the negative pressure the experts will suck out the debris from the system. This generally starts with the supply side and then ends with the return side. Ducts at the supply side will pass the treated air into the house; while the return side ducts carry the air from the house to the air handler. Both the sides are different, therefore the duct cleaning process is performed individually.
  • Agitation Of Dust Within The system: After setting up the system under negative pressure, the HVAC expert will clean the ducts individually. Professional cleaning services use rotating or spinning brushes, vacuum cleaners, air compressors, etc. using these they remove as much dust as possible. 
  • Cleaning The Other Units Of The System: Some services do not include cleaning other units apart from the duct systems. But if you opt for professional duct cleaning services, the experts will go ahead with cleaning the other units of the system. This includes units like evaporator coils, drain pan, blower motor, and several other parts of the system. If it’s necessary, the experts will also change the air filters of the system for improving its efficiency.

Not only these, but professional duct cleaners also deal with the removal of mould and mildew, the presence of vermin, and excessive dust particles. All these particles can influence the working efficiency of the system. With a thorough duct cleaning service, you can eliminate all possible duct cleaning issues. Further, this will allow you to breathe easier. The improvement in efficiency will improve the indoor air quality of the house. Mould growth can be a huge problem that relates to HVAC systems. Depending on the root cause of the mould growth, experts will get rid of the issue. People often tend to ignore getting the duct cleaning services, this can be a major reason for most allergies and infections. So it is better to opt for Expert Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne, as the results will be effective and long-lasting.


All the air inside the house flows through the ducts several times. This is the same air that is inside your house that fills the living environment. Therefore, keeping these ducts and the duct system clean is important. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it is necessary to have your ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. But this might vary depending on the requirements. Removal of dust, allergens, pollutants, and debris from ducts is known as air duct cleaning.

Watch out for the indoor air quality; if there is a decrease in the air quality it means there is a decrease in the efficiency of the duct system, appoint duct cleaning experts. After getting the duct cleaning services you get to experience better air quality, along with an increase in the energy efficiency of ducted systems. Professional duct cleaning also eliminates unpleasant odours. Moreover, there will be an extended lifespan of the duct system. Cleaning the ducts promotes well-being and makes the space more pleasant.